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Are you exhausted feeling the heat seeping out of your walls and watching your energy dollars fly out the window? Worry no more, Boca Raton spray foam insulation is here. With the exponentially rising cost of energy and the importance of reducing global warming, professionals are recommending homeowners to utilize insulation materials to reduce the amount of work needed by the HVAC equipment. Spray foam insulation is one of the leading techniques used to help mend this problem

Spray foam insulation is one of the game-changing innovations in the insulation industry. This technology allows us to help our clients reduce their energy consumption and live a more comfortable life by creating a more efficient energy consumption that cuts your heating and cooling costs significantly.

Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton is trusted by residential owners, business establishments, and even professional contractors and builders. We’ve earned thirst trust through a culmination of experience and successful projects that backs our world-class customer service. What are you waiting for? Call us today and let’s seal the deal!

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    About our Foam Insulation Company

    Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton  provides a wide range of insulation services. Established over 15 years ago, we continuously service our clients with world class spray foam services and leading the local industry with excellent customer service. Decades of residential and business owners have trusted Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton to insulate their existing home, brand new house, and their booming businesses.

    Based in the heart of Boca Raton, we get to experience heat and cooling problems. For this reason alone, you need a trustworthy Insulation company that is backed by years of experience and a multitude of successful projects. Our team can help you enjoy a comfortable and energy efficient home.

    Here at our company we operate with excellence and customer satisfaction in mind. We function as an all around insulation specialist with proper training and experience in installing both closed and open cell spray foams. With an abundance of field experience, you are sure that you’re dealing with one of the best in the industry. Call us, we look forward to working with you!

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    Why Use Spray Foam?

    The most efficient way to insulate your home is with spray foam insulation. Not only is it a great way to seal the heat or cold inside your house, but it also functions as a sound barrier, protection against nature, and it also helps seal any gap inside walls and other parts of your house. The best part is that spray foam insulation lasts a lifetime compared to other insulation materials and technically does not degrade.

    The best time to install spray foam insulation is when a house is being built., but with recent advancements in the industry, a customized installation can also be arranged for existing houses and professionals. That’s why if you are considering adding this great feature to your homes or businesses, you need a highly trained professional with the proper training and experience. Boca Raton offers one of the best if not the best spray foam services in Boca Raton. Our experts are all highly efficient and are equipped with the latest techniques and modern equipment necessary to deliver top-notch services.

    Attic Insulation Experts - Palm Beach County

    Boca Raton Spray Foam Insulation Specialist

    Open Cell  and Closed Cell

    Spray Foam Insulation

    With the recent rise of the need to have a more sustainable and energy-efficient home, spray foam insulation services quickly became one of the go-to choices for home and business owners alike.

    Compared to traditional materials like cellulose or fiberglass, spray foam does not degrade and settle over a long period of time, it’s fire-resistant, and no chemicals are used during the installation process. These are just some of the properties that make it so appealing to the modern person.

    Spray foam insulation comes in two types: closed cell and open cell. While both types technically spray foam insulations, there is a significant difference between the

    Open Cell Spray foam insulation is known for its ability to expand quite significantly, as much as 100 times over. Which makes open-cell spray foam best for parts of a structure that has large open areas such as open wall cavities or rim joints. It’s also suitable for those pesky tight nooks and crannies of attics or crawl spaces under your roof.

    Closed Cell Spray foam insulation on the other hand has very minimal expansion rates compared to its counterpart. This makes it the denser and more compact version of the two. What this means is closed cell spray foams do not allow water or moisture to permeate through them, making them the perfect choice for walls.

    Our leading technicians and contractors here in Boca Raton are all trained and experienced with both closed and open-cell spray foams. They are experts that have set the standard on what a high spray foam job is in Boca Raton FL. They will be able to speak with you about what type of spray foam application is best suited for your homes or businesses. Get in touch with our team and we will happily assist you with any questions or concerns regarding our spray foam services.

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    Best Blown in Insulation in Palm Beach County

    Blown Insulation Installer
    Attic Insulation Boca Raton

    Blown-in insulation is a great and effective way to add density and a good barrier against heat or cold loss for your home. It is also considered the most environmentally friendly among all the insulation techniques and materials being used today. Its green initiative along with its ability to reach nooks and cranny-like spray foam does make it a popular choice for modern homeowners.

    Unlike most of its counterparts, blown-in insulation is a bit complex when it comes to installation. That’s why it’s paramount that a trained and certified expert is on top at every step of the installation. Special equipment specifically for blowing insulation is required to perform this technique. We are equipped with the latest equipment and our team has hands-on experience when talking about blow-in insulation

    Attic Insulation Experts - Palm Beach County

    Fiberglass Insulation Experts in Boca Raton

    One of the oldest and first materials used for insulation purposes is fiberglass. It’s one of the most durable and easiest insulating materials to install.

    Fiberglass insulations come in pre-cut panels even before they reach your house. These panels will easily be fitted on your ceilings, attics, and walls. They are cut into standard-sized studs that fit most frames of modern structures. When it comes to fiberglass, our team of experts and contractors is one of the leading installers in Boca Raton. They can easily design it to fit new homes, renovations, wall additions, and many more.

    Lauded by new homeowners as one of the go-to insulation techniques because of its low-cost installation, it’s the old reliable when it comes to insulating and sound damping your home or business. The trade-off here compared to spray foam insulation is that the thermal properties of fiberglass are lower compared to spray foam insulation. But with recent techniques and advancements in the industry, our team has managed to close that gap and provide our clients with better performing fiberglass insulation.

    Whether you want fiberglass or other insulation materials for your home or business our team can help.

    Fiberglass insulation Boca Raton FL
    Fiberglass insulation

    Mineral Wool Insulation

    Mineral wool insulation Boca Raton FL
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    Commercial & Residential Insulation

    While mineral wool insulation has been around for decades, it’s not as popular as spray foam insulation, but with the recent increase in insulation demand, it has made kit’s comeback as is slowly gaining popularity.

    As one of the most cost-effective insulation materials, mineral wool offers proper heat and cold insulation, and can even outperform and outlast fiberglass given the correct conditions. New homeowners and contractors are slowly recognizing the “bang for the buck”.

    Our team has mastered mineral wool insulation through proper training and hands-on experience. Mineral wool is usually made from recycled materials and offers high thermal insulation while providing both sound dampening and fire-resistant properties.

    If you are ready to transform your house into its best possible state in energy efficiency, Our team here at Attic Insulation Boca Raton  can help you achieve that through Mineral wool insulation or our other services. Our installation experts will help you devise a plan, explain the execution, and provide you with top-notch service. Call us and we’ll give you a thorough consultation and proper estimate for your insulation needs.

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    Why Choose Our Spray Foam Pros?

    Trained Professionals

    When you have decided to hire Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton, your project will be handled by experts that are both knowledgeable in the theory and application of any spray foam insulation. Every contractor that is sent out to our client's houses or businesses is licensed and are certified to perform insulation using any type of material and every part of a house. We take pride in what we do, that’s why we don’t compromise on the quality of our work.


    Because of the trust and reliability that we put on our employees, Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton is proud to say that every project we do comes with a guarantee satisfaction. Our Assurance to our customers is this. Every project that we do is guaranteed to last a lifetime and provide you with top notch quality service. This is why we’re not afraid to give a 100% money back guarantee for 3 years on any project we take. You feel safer knowing that your house or business is in the right hands.


    Being one of the best in the business doesn’t mean we need to charge the highest price. We are centered around customer satisfaction, that’s why our competitive pricing is affordable for every home or business owner. We want to provide a cleaner and more energy efficient home for the people of Boca Raton, that’s why you’re getting the highest quality spray foam insulation service that does not break the bank.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is our top goal. That’s why in order to achieve that, we employ experts and professionals who are treated well and given everything they need in order to succeed in their fields. We believe that a happy employee is equal to a happy customer. You are ensured that every staff, team member, and contractor that works for your project are satisfied with their working conditions and are highly motivated to serve our clients.

    Attic Insulation Experts - Palm Beach County

    Kent B.

    “I was concerned that insulating my basement would cost me thousands of dollars as I had a bad experience before with companies that call themselves “the best in the business”. I was glad that a friend of mine introduced me to Boca Raton Spray Foam Insulation. Their specialist Mike properly explained to me what needs to be done, how they plan on doing it, and why the price would be what they quoted me and my God was blown away. The affordability of the price is unbelievable when you compare it to the quality of work they do. Will definitely do business with them again in the future. I’ll also happily recommend you to friends and family. Thank you so much, Mike and the whole team!”

    Christina G.

    “My husband and I recently planned to renovate my parents' old house which I inherited. Having it insulated a nightmare because of the complex Victorian style of the walls, and ceilings. Companies proactively offered us plans and pricing on how much it would take to properly insulate a house of this nature. But only Boca Raton Spray Foam Insulation stands out with its affordability and its past success in insulating old houses like this. Alex, our contractor, is always on time, courteous, and obviously very knowledgeable about his trade when he comes to our old house to do an inspection. These guys really know what they’re doing and are definitely one of the best in our area.”

    Merk A

    When my wife and I started building our dream home, we were hugely disappointed by the original contractor with all the delays and overspending of our budget. We decided to hire specialists from different fields to continue our home construction. We decided to approach Boca Raton Spray Foam Insulation for our insulating needs as we were impressed by our initial consultation with them. Their inspector Barry came to the site of our house and listened to what we wanted and made expert recommendations of what should be done and what to avoid. This level of customer service and commitment is what got me to trust these guys to do the insulation of our newly constructed home. These guys represent what it is to be a customer-centric business. Thanks for helping us with our lovely new house!”

    Attic Insluation FAQ

    The most suitable type of attic insulation that is suitable for you Boca Raton, Fl home, is determined by what you mean by the word "best. It is possible to choose fiberglass insulation or cellulose insulation rock wool insulation, or spray foam insulation. Some insulation for attics are simpler to install, whereas others are the least expensive, others are more durable while others are more effective in waterproofing, some are more eco-friendly and some more healthy for you and your family. It is important to consider the Boca Raton, Florida climate can also influence the insulation choice for your attic.

    The typical cost for attic insulation for your house located in Boca Raton, Florida, is between $1700 and $2,100, depending on the type of insulation that you pick for your attic. It is possible to spend between $1.50 to $3.50 on a square foot. The most affordable alternative is blow-in insulation however, it doesn't last for as long as spray foam insulation. Batts or rolls of fiberglass insulation could be a reasonable alternative and can be used between the joists of the attic's floor and roof. Spray foam insulation for attics that is closed-cell or open-cell is the most expensive, however it is the most effective in many ways and is the longest lasting (actually it will last longer than the home's lifespan. It is not necessary for replacement.


    The best attic insulation to protect your home from the humid and hot Florida environment is spray foam. Closed-cell spray foam boasts an impressive R-value that is in the range of 6-7 per inch. Other suitable attic insulation options for Florida include fiberglass blown-in as well as blown-in cellulose. fiberglass batt

    Attic insulation is priced between $1 and four dollars for each square foot when installed dependent on the kind and R-value of the job, its size and degree of complexity. The cost of insulate an attic ranges from $1,000 to $2,700.

    Attic insulation costs

    Below is an estimate of Attic space per square feet in relation to Cost of installation

    500sq    $500 - $2,000

    700sq    $700 - $2,800

    1,000sq $1,000 - $4,000

    1,200sq  $1,200 - $4,800

    Fiberglass Insulation would be the best choice.


    Fiberglass: A cheap alternative, fiberglass insulation is expected to cost approximately $0.35 /square foot. That is equivalent to around $175 in material cost for a 500-square-foot attic

    Spray foam insulation can be a fantastic product. Insulated homes made of it can be among the most comfortable and efficient homes constructed. I've been in a lot of these homes and I can say that the typical spray foam-insulated home is more efficient than a standard fiberglass batt insulated house.

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