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Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton  has successfully installed suitable insulating barriers on everything from new home builds and pole shelters to aviation hangars and grain silos as a long-standing insulation contractor. 

We know the ins and outs of insulation kinds, installation procedures, and what to use where when it comes to insulation. In addition, we have a high level of expertise in spray foam products. 

We may give concrete restoration services in the form of concrete lifting by using our knowledge of spray foam to various applications. 

Insulation Services We Offer :

  • Spray foam (open cell closed cell)
  • Blown in insulation
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Mineral wool insulation
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    The #1 Spray Foam Insulation Service - Palm Beach county

    Spray foam insulation (closed cell) is swiftly gaining popularity among homeowners, both those who are building new homes and those who are remodeling. The natural expansion of spray foam insulation fills every crack and crevice, establishing a tight seal, making it the ideal insulator. 

    It keeps moisture from getting through as a seamless application, lowering humidity levels that can cause mold and mildew problems. 

    Because of its inherent capacity to expand, spray foam insulation is extremely cost-effective, saving you money on future heating and cooling expenditures. We have a lot of installation experience in the residential sector at Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton. To get started, give us a call today.

    • Building a new home 
    • Improvements to your home 
    • Renovations to the house 
    • Attics 
    • Crawlspaces 
    • Garages 
    • Insulation with closed-cell spray foam
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    Soundproofing Using Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

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    Commercial and residential

    Although all types of insulation have some soundproofing properties, open-cell spray foam insulation outperforms the rest. 

    Open-cell spray foam is a low-density product with microscopic cells that remain open and are connected by air pockets. These open cells and air pockets create a final product that has a soft, spongy texture that's good for thermal insulating and great for sound absorption. 

    Like its closed-cell counterpart, open-cell spray foam provides an air-tight barrier, is mold and pest resistant, adheres to most building materials, and is extremely energy efficient. 

    When soundproofing is the primary goal, we recommend open-cell spray foam from Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton. As a result, open-cell spray foam is frequently used to sound-proof home theater rooms, internal bedroom walls, home offices, company conference rooms, and other areas. 

    Whether building new or renovating an existing space, we can assist with temperature control insulation as well as soundproofing insulation. For more information, please contact us. 

    Insulation with open-cell spray foam

    Which insulation is right for you?

    Best insulation in Palm Beach county

    While spray foam insulation has a lot of advantages, there are occasions when other types of insulation are a better fit for your insulating and budgetary needs. For these reasons, we also sell and install more traditional insulation such as blown cellulose and fiberglass batts. Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton aspires to be your one-stop-shop for all of your insulation requirements. 


    Blown-In Insulation

    Blown cellulose is less expensive than spray foam but still provides excellent insulation. A huge number of our blown cellulose jobs include attics that either weren't insulated or under-insulated at the time of installation. 

    Fortunately, our blown cellulose can often be applied directly over the top of your attic’s existing insulation base, boosting its R-value to meet today’s insulation standards and your comfort desires. 

    Increasing the insulation level in your attic is a wise energy-saving investment. It's an insulation enhancement you'll notice right now, and one you'll enjoy for the rest of your home's life. Contact us to learn more and to see if blown cellulose insulation is an option for your attic.

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    Fiberglass insulation
    Boca Raton and surrounding area

    Fiberglass Insulation

    Used as an insulating material for centuries, fiberglass batt remains one of the most widely installed types of insulation today. Available in pre-cut panels, with or without facing, fiberglass insulation is easily installed.

    The panels fit effortlessly into standard-size stud-and-joist frame cavities found along walls, floors, and ceilings. When it comes to using fiberglass batt insulation, our installers at Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton can easily use it in new home construction, home renovations, additions, walls, attics, and more.

    Less expensive than spray foam insulation, the trade-off with fiberglass batt comes down to its thermal capabilities. Depending on the density selected, certain high-performance batts can obtain thermal resistance values ranging between R-3.7 and R-4.3 per inch thickness, while standard fiberglass batts typically fall between R-2.9 and R-3.8 per inch thickness. When compared to the polyurethane closed-cell spray foam we use, there is a significant difference.

    Whether you opt to use all fiberglass batt or a mix of various insulating materials throughout your home or business, we can help. Contact us to learn more.

    Mineral Wool Insulation

    What Is Mineral Wool Insulation and What Does It Mean?

    Mineral wool insulation is a type of insulator commonly used in the building and pipe industries. Mineral wool insulation offers great flame resistance and is a poor heat conductor. As an acoustic dampener, mineral wool insulation is also employed.

    Rock wool insulation, stone wool insulation, and slag wool insulation are all examples of mineral wool insulation.

    Mineral wool insulation is also known as rock wool insulation, stone wool insulation, or slag wool insulation since it is created from a mixture of stone and slag. In a furnace, the stone or slag is heated until it melts. The molten rock or slag is then spun until it cools, forming long, thin strands in a process comparable to making cotton candy. After then, the fibers are closely stacked on top of one another.

    Mineral wool insulation is utilized in structures and buildings for a variety of reasons. Mineral wool insulation, first and foremost, does not transmit heat well. When trying to keep a facility warmer or cooler than the outside environment, this is critical. Because flames are a constant problem for buildings, mineral wool's lack of flammability makes it an effective insulator. Also, if noise is an issue when building a structure, mineral wool is a superb acoustic dampener.

    For similar reasons, mineral wool insulation is widely used in the piping industry. Its flame resistance and heat deformation resistance make it an excellent choice for pipes transporting high-temperature materials. It can also prevent pipes from freezing in cold weather applications since it is a thermal insulator.

    Mineral wool insulation Boca Raton FL

    Get Help From The Trusted Spray Foam Expert in Boca Raton

    Superior Attic Insulation Boca Raton will ensure that all sections of your home, including your walls, attic, windows, doors, and ducts, are adequately insulated. Our spray foam insulation installation services are particularly successful in reducing unwanted noise and soundproofing the areas that are sprayed, in addition to keeping your heating and cooling bills under control. It also aids in the prevention of mold and mildew growth in your home. The addition of SPF insulation will improve the racking strength and resale value of your home.

    To learn more about our services or to set up a time to meet with an  Advisor about your project, contact us today!

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